Paglano for piano

Learn to identify piano notes fast

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Paglano for piano

Paglano for piano is a very simple shooting game, designed to accelerate your ability to identify notes in a fun way.

The only thing you have to do is... shoot notes. By doing so, you automatically learn to find the notes on your piano very quickly.

Reading notes becomes much easier and a lot more fun.

How to read music fast

A little warning: Paglano is not intended to teach you all aspects of sight reading! Far from that. The only thing you'll learn by playing Paglano regularly, is that you almost instantly know where you can find the notes on your piano.

With this small and important skill you will be much more motivated to learn all the other aspects involved in sight reading and playing the piano. Just by playing a simple game...

1. Choose to play right away or to train a bit first

Play or train

2. Identify the right key and shoot the note

Your new piano app?

3. Check your new score


Regular piano lessons

Preferably you play Paglano for piano in combination with your regular piano lessons. But if you want to play this game before taking any lessons, it can give your future lessons a big head start!

Play Paglano whenever and wherever you want.


The first level is pretty easy to play and available as long as you like.
 Later on, you can decide to purchase the more advanced levels.
Maybe not a very difficult decision, if you compare the very low price with all the time you can win.

Available in: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Play music!

Do you feel that you can read notes fast enough?
 Like you're reading a book?
 Then its time to say goodbye to Paglano...

Have fun playing your music!